Our vision has always been to bring the best typing experience to everyone. We are working hard to make sure that we achieve this goal.

We are also working towards making Fleksy available to many more apps. The first attempts are already in the store and are successful in most aspects. However, we recognize that accessibility support requires significant work from individual developers and this has caused inconsistent typing experiences for our users.

We are dedicated to tackling this issue and for this reason - we have gone back to the drawing board.

Today we are happy to announce the release of Fleksy VO. This is Fleksy tailored with additional functionality for our most dedicated users and it is the accessibility standard we have set for our SDK integration.

What’s new with this version?

In addition to dramatically improving accuracy, we brought back all the features that VoiceOver users loved including:

  • Tap and hold top of screen to get to menu.
  • Fixed manual typing feature.
  • Long press for punctuation.

Our goal is to create a universal product that brings the best typing experience to everyone. However, until we can get there and in order to avoid offering a subpar product, Fleksy VO will be the most robust, most consistent, in all accounts the best product we offer.

It will also be FREE forever.

Download from the Apple Store now!

Note: Your personalized dictionary created using other versions of Fleksy will continue to work with this version.

Happy Typing!

Fleksy Team