Today is a big day for us (and you!). iOS 8 launches today, which means iOS users will be given the choice to install third-party keyboards system-wide for the first time ever.

Today, Fleksy is bringing our unbeatable typing speed to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users in over 40 languages, and welcoming all our iOS friends to the Fleksy family!

Keyboard extensions are a brave new world for all you iOS users, and Fleksy is here to help you make the change a fast, fluid, and *gasp* even fun! For those of you to whom we haven't been introduced yet, Fleksy is the official World's Fastest Keyboard.

We use next-generation tap-typing technology and powerful gestures to deliver a faster, more accurate, more fun typing experience. Our speed, combined with our award winning design is part of why we're one of the most beloved keyboard extensions on Android devices (and now, iOS devices).

With Fleksy's colored themes and customizable keyboard sizes, we're bringing an unprecedented level of customization options to iOS. Plus, we've got all your favorite emoji, with over 800 to choose from! We even have a fun collection of badges you can earn as you type. Who said typing had to be boring?

Fleksy is available NOW from the App Store in 40 languages including English, French , Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Hebrew, Dutch and more.

Download Fleksy on the App Store today!

Happy Typing!